Website Revival

We will take your existing site and content and rework it into the new standard. 

Your new site will include:
• An easy to use comprehensive editing suite
• A mobile-friendly template for presentation on today's modern devices
• Hosting on a data-based driven platform to support many business applications
• An information content upload service for you and a download service for your visitors
• A powerful site search feature
• Access to online Website performance statistics
• 10 Email accounts
We ask £750 for a 10 page website (subject to a same-day assessment).

New Website

- a Mobile friendly Content-Managed Website!
The whole package as above, but as no website exists we have to allow more time to establish a brief and deal with new content. 
We ask £900 for a 10 page web site subject to final brief.

Complex Website

- a Mobile friendly Content-Managed Website!
This includes the whole package as above but with multiple subjects requiring complex website navigation and or includes membership services and or merchandising applications. Plus extra design effort to present a content heavy web site.
Guide price range £1,000 to £,700 depending on clarity of brief, site complexity and type of extra applications required.

Joomla Migration

- typically 1.5 to the current version.
Base cost for a brochure site would commence at £750 but each site would need to be individually assessed. 

Website Hosting

Our standard annual website hosting price, including email is £120 

We can provide a variety of monitoring information to assist with maintaining website performance - this will include visitor history by geography and subject etc.

A technical note:- our sites are hosted with a fully professional hosting company, providing 24/7 support and with data held on secure, tested data centres.

How we manage website projects

We ask for £150 - or 25% initial fee - once you have agreed that we have a satisfactory brief and basic format ready to go into full development.

We provide each client with their own access to a private development site and, to contain cost and time for both parties, we conduct all of our development work online/by phone.

Clients are encouraged to start using the online editor at an early point and we use this as part of our training approach. It also means that you can update the text from your old site to your own satisfaction while the site is off-web and not public. In addition, we provide a training guideline in PDF format.

Content and PR / Promotions

Free consultation and proposal with each Website package taken. We conduct these by phone and issue a full recommendation which could form the base for a promotional campaign surrounding the website and its launch. It is a minimum 1/2 day investment in your business. We often find it helps to shape the content of the 'new' website even if it is not carried into a campaign.

Generation of copy, campaign themes and planning is based on £300 per day.


SUMMARY  Revive New  Complex   Migrate
Editing Suite * * * *
Mobile Template  * * * *
Data-based driven platform  * * * *
Information content upload & download  * * * *
Site search feature * * * *
Website stats' * * * *
10 Email accounts * * * *
Content and Promo advice  * * * *
New brief and new content   * * *
Multiple subjects +complex navigation     * *
Membership services and shops     * *
Content-heavy website     * *
Migration from Joomla 1.5        *
Pricing (We do not charge VAT) £750 £900 £1000-£1700 £750-£2400
Plus our standard Hosting Package  £120 p.a
Editing / changing website content or design  Charged at our hourly rate of £40